Looking for solutions in the building industry? Kyocera Senco offers a wide range of solutions focusing on lowering the total cost of ownership of customers, choosing the right fastener for the right application and improving fastening jobs the terms of accuracy, quality, speed and operator safety.


SiM (Smart Inventory Management) is an integrated customer/supplier relationship where the supplier manages and controls stock to ensure the right products are in the right place, at the right time within the customers production environment.

Anchor Calculation Software

The Expandet Calculation Software (ECS) is a highly advanced 3D anchor calculation software, developed to meet the requirements of the contemporary modern professionals and non-experienced users, working with anchoring systems.

Smart Solutions

With SENCO’s innovative Smart Solutions the production process can be simplified and at the same time improved in terms of accuracy, quality, speed and operator safety. These tooling solutions are used in combination with SENCO XP hand tools.